Naming Hollywood Cemetery Association (HCA) as a beneficiary of your will or other estate plan will provide greatly needed support for the preservation of HCA in the future. While these gifts may not involve an immediate, irrevocable transfer of cash or property, they do call for careful planning with the help of a qualified professional.

Types of Bequests

There are several traditional ways to make a bequest to HCA through your will or other estate plan:

A residual bequest of the remainder of your estate or a percentage of the remainder after you have made specific bequests;

A percentage bequest granting a certain percentage of your estate to HCA;

A specific bequest of an amount of money or an asset; or

A contingent bequest naming HCA as the recipient in case another beneficiary does not survive you.

Also you may be able to designate gifts from life insurance policies and remainders of qualified retirement plans.

Please note that no part of this article is intended as tax or estate planning advice. When considering a legacy gift, please consult a qualified professional.

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