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During Hollywood Cemetery’s lifetime it has gone through several different ownership groups with different governing boards. Levels of record keeping (or not keeping in some cases) have varied over the years. The current board has completed the process of gathering all available information related to burials and to replace the original web site information with it. The typing of the information was all done by volunteer board members.

In 1986 a group of volunteers covered the entire cemetery and “read” the grave markers to get all of the available data on individuals with markers. This information was published in a book. Individuals who did not have markers were not included in the book. In 2004 the West TN Genealogical Society took data from cemetery burial records and published a booklet containing this information for burials between 1987 and 2003. Information from both of these works were copied into the web site.

Information related to burials from 2003 through October of 2011 was taken from cemetery office records.

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